Applying the right solution is most often a function of simply understanding the desired outcome.

Online Strategy

What is the right digital strategy for building your brand online and growing your business? What do your customers want when they go online? For that matter, what do your employees or business partners expect?

We believe that effective interactive solutions require a logical approach. For us, that means exhaustive research, candid discussion, open minds, lots of questions and applying tried and tested methodologies for arriving at solutions that make sense for your business.

For every project, there are goals (or there should be). In our experience, setting clear objectives, and determining how to measure their success is vital at the outset of an initiative. We’re experts in helping our clients define the most relevant goals.

Our ORM services track how online perceptions of your brand change over time. That lets you compare your progress with that of your competitors. We not only measure the level of buzz your brand creates, but also categorize it by sentiment, how users feel about it. This means that you can easily see what you’re doing right, or where you need to improve based on consumer sentiment.

Social Media

We work closely with you to collaboratively develop a plan which blends your goals and objectives, and engages your target audience with the proper content and messaging and social media mix. We select the tactics with the greatest potential for generating web site traffic and visual brand exposure, and build sustainable strategies for maximum user engagement at the lowest risk.

Setting the campaign goals and objectives is one of the most important exercises we perform before your social media strategy is implemented. This allows you to determine the scope, budget and ROI of the campaign before execution so that campaign results can be tracked and measured. We get to know your target audience intimately – where they are active online, where their social networks are, and what kind of conversations and content they have. That way, we know how to reach them with the most powerful, persuasive and cost effective messages from you.

When the target audience has been defined we create the messaging and content with the greatest potential for the client’s social media engagement. We work with the clients’ brand assets or develop content from scratch. Regardless of your product or service, your social media campaign should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. It needs to be accelerated through traditional online marketing tactics such as search and online display advertising. As part of our full-service Internet marketing program, Agency 323 will coordinate and integrate social media marketing campaigns with traditional online marketing.

Public Relations

Public relations plays a key role in building a brand’s reputation. Led by New York City PR veteran Joe Vasquez, the PR practice at Agency 3:23 creates programs that works cohesively with its other brand building services. This integrated approach ensures clients’ messages are delivered consistently across all media channels including their own.

The agency develops and implements strategic communications programs that support the clients’ objectives. It is not a publicity shop although its PR campaigns have received media coverage from national news programs to trade publications to influential blogs. The agency believes that a strategic PR plan will yield media attention and coverage.

Search Marketing

Search is the cornerstone of digital behavior with 80% of all internet sessions beginning with a search. Paid search (SEM) represents almost half of all ad spending in the digital marketplace for one reason, it works.

It’s easy for marketers to launch a search campaign and watch the “clicks” come in, but It’s not easy to create a strong search strategy that maximizes your marketing ROI. We make sure you’re well represented when individuals are raising their digital hand and looking for products and services your company offers.

Website & Graphic Design

We leverage industry leading web design and standards compliant code to build your website. Whether you need a refresh or complete online makeover, we can help. All of our projects are designed to give you the level of control you want for your content. Content Management Systems (CMS) are available to. Our focus on user experience and identifying your calls to action drive more online activity and increase conversions.

Custom Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (and others) services are available to unite forces between all of the online resources to deliver your visitors with a consistent look and feel anywhere they interact with your company online.

Do you advertise online with Google Adwords, Yahoo or Bing? Adding display ad designs to your online advertising mix is easy… we maintain the consistency of your online designs and drive higher online click through rates and conversion by giving the highest possible attention to understanding your business and customers.