There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution… you need a team that knows your industry and can prove it.

Hospitals & Healthcare

We help hospitals run their marketing programs like their business depends on it-because it does! Whether you’re looking for a search engine marketing campaign to promote your service lines to keep in front of consumers, or social media tactics to generate buzz, Agency 323’s Interactive healthcare marketing services can help.

The Best of Both Worlds
The days of prospective patients relying on their local hospital to meet all of their medical needs are over — as are the unspoken agreements that kept hospitals outside your region from advertising in your backyard. Additionally, hospitals and medical care facilities are managing multiple industry specific issues and mandates.

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) efforts, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementation, financial pressures, service line initiatives, and multiple target audiences, all complicate traditional marketing programs.

Because Agency 323 has a depth of digital marketing experience with top healthcare organizations AND Fortune 100 companies nationwide, we’re able to identify the cutting-edge digital strategies and tactics that drive quantifiable results in the business world that will be equally effective in the healthcare market.

Centers of Excellence: Big Opportunities, Big Dividends
Focused attention of clinical service lines can yield significant returns on investment for your healthcare organization. Differentiation is critical and a targeted marketing campaign for your centers of excellence can fuel consumer action and deliver quantifiable results. Need a smart, flexible medical advertising or marketing program customized to generate service line revenue? Agency 323′s digital marketing team can help.

Charity & Non-Profit

Charities and non-profit organizations are tapping into the power of social media to advance their missions and serve their constituents. The ideal method to employ social media resources depends on several of factors, including your mission, goals, and target audiences.

We help you identify the social media that will work best for you — a blog, video, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We distribute content through your preferred social media channels to stay relevant and keep your audience engaged. We perform regular feedback sessions with your team to maintain connection to your purpose and to provide reporting and updates. We strategically integrate social media into your existing digital assets, projects and campaigns. We help you develop the right social media strategy, pick the right social media channels, and help you target the ideal message and timing. We’ve help you via social media for fundraising, advocacy, corporate challenges, list building, identifying new participants, and recruiting new members.

Our team can help you implement your social media strategy — from listening and monitoring services, to planning, development, and channel selection. Whether it’s for your event, membership recruitment, or fundraising campaign, and whether it involves Facebook, Flickr, Google Maps, Mobile, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, we’re ready to help you.

Retail & Restaurants

Social media touches all facets of an organization and retail and restaurants are no exception. Brand strength is more important today than ever before, as is the increasing need for retail organizations to implement social media strategies that communicate a consistent brand message across potentially different product offerings, stores, staff and events.

Restaurants and retailers are known for implementing an ongoing stream of tactics, programs and promotions. In order for social media to be successful within this environment, it’s important for all stakeholders to understand the organizational purpose of any digital strategy. With all departments and front line staff connected to a strategy will increase effectiveness of execution and creates a better chance for success.

Front line staff have huge social media influence within their environments. Store level employees are directly responsible for the delivery of customer experience – the information they receive via internal social media i.e. product information, training, etc. helps position them to successfully deliver a positive customer experience. This, in turn, fuels positive word of mouth that builds brand equity. As a result, offering relevant social media content to external AND internal audiences becomes critical for retail organizations.

Agency 323 can help — from listening and monitoring services, to planning, development, and channel selection. Whether it’s for your in-store promotions, sales event, or new menu items and specials, we’re ready to help you.